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A Little About Us.

New Level Staffing is a strategic staffing solution firm that is a Woman-Owned Small Business located in Wilmington, Delaware. We mobilize the right people with the proper knowledge, skills, and abilities to help an organization improve its business performance. Our recruiting processes target, engage and qualify top talent to fill any position on demand and budget.

 This unique model integrates online, mobile, social media, call center, and community-centric events. The New Level Staffing approach is tailored to support all business types from small or big offices to manufacturing facilities.  We enable clients to plan proactively, execute, measure, and continuously improve each staffing initiative.  New Level Staffing is committed to creating innovative, flexible solutions for government and commercial clients.

Why you should consider using
New Level Staffing?


Affordable PRICING

New Level Staffing offers temporary workers to help handle work overload and many times “burn-out” for permanent staff


Priority 24/7.

New Level Staffing temporary employees will give your business the chance to “try out” an employee before making a permanent offer of employment. Giving you the knowledge of how our employees will fit into the corporate culture and how well they work with other employees..


Customer Service

Full-time employees can focus on their primary tasks while maintaining productivity instead of taking on additional work that could be done by a temporary staff member..


The Standby System

New Level Staffing will allow your business to use temporary employees as much or as little as needed.


Direct Hire

New Level Staffing will cut the cost of your company’s overhead. We provide benefits, workers compensation insurance, payroll taxes, and cover your unemployment claims.


Another Service

New Level Staffing reduces the costs and time of recruitment, screening, and hiring new employees.



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